The Teachers' Lounge

The purpose of the preseason is to introduce students (and you) to the MathDice program. Youíll start by teaching the basic MathDice game to your students, and introducing them to some of the simpler paper-and-pencil MathDice games. The MathDice preseason program is fully contained in a 17-page Preseason Student Guide. In the guide, students are introduced to Coach Powers and Minus the Dog, two characters that keep the tone fun and light-hearted. You can download it as a PDF file, make copies, and hand out to your students.

Most importantly, along with the preseason guide is a Preseason Teacher's Guide for you. This Preseason Teacherís Guide fully explains how to introduce and teach MathDice to your students, and includes black line masters that you can use to make overhead transparencies.

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