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Main Season

Unlike the Preseason program which is highly structured, the MathDice Main Season is designed to be flexible, so you can adapt the program to suit your and your students’ needs. There are many ways to achieve success with MathDice, and we encourage you to adapt the program in a way that works best for you.

MathDice Main Season Guide

There are four major components for the MathDice Main Season, as follows.

The Games

In the Preseason, students learn the basic MathDice dice game and several “sports themed” pencil-and-paper Solo Practice games. The Main Season offers new forms of the dice game, several more Solo Practice games, two Cooperative Challenge games, and a Competitive Board game version of MathDice. We also offer a program and materials for you to conduct in-class MathDice Tournaments.

Where and When to Play

MathDice activities can be structured into class time, at recess or with “lunch bunch” groups, after school math clubs, as well as homework assignments. Some of the activities are ideal for playing at home with parents. The key is to emphasize the fun, and find ways for kids to WANT to play and to succeed.

The Point System

We have designed the various MathDice games and activities so that students can earn MathDice Points by playing them. Students receive personalized tracking sheets that allow them to keep track of the points they earn as they play games and solve MathDice challenges, and then to transfer their individual points into Classroom Points. You can use the idea of Classroom Points to motivate all your students to practice and play more than they would otherwise do.

The Main Season Goal

The MathDice Main Season program will be most successful if your students have a tangible achievement goal to focus on as a group. Our recommendation is for you to work with your Class Parents or PTA volunteers, to offer of a fun reward/celebration for your students if and when they reach their goals. All our research suggests that a great motivator for students this age is an ICE CREAM PARTY.

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