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End of Season Celebration

We strongly recommend that you have a celebration to mark the end MathDice Main Season for your students; if you are using the Point System with your students, itís likely that you understand this as well. There are several reasons why this is important; having a tangible goal to strive for is motivational for your students, and of course, a celebration is fun!

The Season End Celebration can take many forms. Here are some important considerations to plan for.

Agree on Collective Point Totals

Our Ice Cream Party Poster that is available to you contemplates that the class goal should be 1500 points. You should set your own point goals based on the number of students in your class, and on how ambitious you want to be with the program. In our experience, fourth and fifth graders should be able to average about 50 individual points over a two month period, with encouragement but without pushing too hard.

Your class may decide to design your own tracking poster, which could take the form of a big thermometer or any other shape. If you want to use our Ice Cream Party poster but you donít want your goal to be 1500 points, it is easy to make adjustments. If you want to lower the goal, simply start the season with several ice cream scoops already filled in. If your goal is more than 1500 points, set a goal to put up the poster when your students have 1500 points left, after they have already reached a base point total.

Party, Tournament, or Both?

Everybody loves a party, and a celebration party is a great reward for students. Plus, you can use the event to recognize individual students who really put in great performances. Examples of this could include:

There are plenty of ways to creatively have fun with the celebration party.

You may also decide to have a Season End Classroom MathDice Tournament. By the end of MathDice Main Season, it may be that certain students are much stronger than they were at the end of Preseason. Holding an In-Class MathDice Tournament could yield some surprising, fun results. Almost certainly, everyone will be playing at a higher level than they were at the start of the main season.

Parent Involvement?

If possible, we strongly recommend that you get parents involved in helping to organize and to run the Celebration Party. We are big believers that it is important to get parents actively involved in their childrenís math education. We also understand that this can be a difficult processÖ but since MathDice is just a game, there shouldnít be any issues about how to interpret the mathematics. Itís a great opportunity to get parents involved!

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