Information For Parents and PTA/PTO
Parents and PTA/PTO

Greetings parents! MathDice is an exciting new way for your kids to improve their math skills while they’re having fun playing games… we’re going to assume you understand this or you wouldn’t be here.

Our MathDice program is quite new. Last year the program ran as a curriculum supplement in the Arlington, Virginia elementary schools, as well as a dozen schools in Fairfax County; in 2005-2006 we are expanding further, but slowly. At this stage we want to work with schools and parent groups who are enthusiastic about the program, and want to help us improve it by trying the innovations we come up with and by giving us feedback and suggestions. And of course, if you have your own ideas for how to improve the program, we’d love to work with you!

What we want to do in this section is to describe to you the ways you can help support a MathDice program in your school and with your children.

  1. If your school doesn’t have a MathDice program and you want to introduce the concept to your child’s math teacher, we can help with this. The first thing you should do is to ask the teacher, or the school principal, to visit and take a look at our program for themselves. If they’re interested, send us an e-mail telling us about your situation and we’ll work with you to get a set of introductory MathDice materials to you or your school with instructions on how to start.
  2. If your child’s class has a MathDice program going already, you can certainly help! The MathDice Class Program is designed around the concept that students work to play MathDice games and solve MathDice challenges, earning MathDice points for their class as they do so. Once the class hits their point total goals, they are entitled to a celebration Ice Cream Party.
    • As this program grows, we need parent volunteers to help organize and host the Ice Cream Parties. That’s you! We really do need your help with this. If you are willing to help as a MathDice Parent Volunteer, send us an email with your contact information and what school you represent, and we will send you all the information you need for how to organize and run a MathDice Party.
  3. If you need to raise money to pay for the Ice Cream Parties, buy extra MathDice supplies for your classroom and/or purchase a set of ThinkFun Mind Challenging Games for classroom enrichment activities, we’ve got a great program for you! We are working in partnership with Barnes and Noble to host PTA/PTO School Fundraiser events. If you live in the right location, Barnes and Noble will come to you to help set it up, and we have an exciting ThinkFun Game Night feature program you can promote to bring out the crowds. Bringing out your school community to purchase books and games at Barnes and Noble can result in substantial fundraising profits for your PTA/PTO group. Again, send us an email for more information on this program.