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Play MathDice Online

Welcome to MathDice Online! Here you can play MathDice in Flash on your computer. The dice rolling is cool, the challenges can get a little crazy, and the computer does the calculating for you. You just have to know how to form an equation that hits the target number!

This program is pretty new, and you’re here while we’re still testing it out. The first thing you need to do is to make sure that you can run MathDice Online on your machine. We know already that you have to have the newest version of Flash installed… Flash 7. If you don’t have this version, you need to download it now from Macromedia.

If you’ve loaded Flash 7 and still can’t get the program to work, you should send us an email and we’ll contact you to find out what system you’re running and hopefully make the adjustments to get it working for you. Contact us.

MathDice Problem Set of the Week

This week’s challenge features five MathDice challenges, all built on the same theme. The problems use only addition and subtraction, but you may find that a few of them have a little kick. Good luck!

New to MathDice?

If you're just starting out with MathDice, you might want to try the Online Tutorial Game, which features random rolls. Keep in mind that this practice game will help you understand how MathDice works, but – like when rolling with real dice - it might not be possible to exactly achieve the target number with the scoring numbers you are given. Find Full Instructions here.

MathDice Problem Set Arcade

Ready for more challenge? We’re building a big list of fun MathDice Online Problem Sets in the arcade that you’re welcome to explore.

Barcroft DaVinci Math Wizard's Challenge!

Hey Barcroft Intersession Game Players! These challenges are designed just for you, and for your training program to learn THE POWERS OF TWO. Once you see the patterns, these MathDice challenge sets get easy... and then they keep getting more fun. Good luck getting ready for the DaVinci FINAL POWERS CHALLENGE!

Squares to Sixty Four
  1. 2 Power of 6 Get 64
  2. 4 Power of 3 Get 64
  3. 8 Power of 2 Get 64

Squares to 32 and 16
  1. 2 Power of 5 Get 32
  2. 2 Power of 4 Get 16

Practicing the Factors, 2, 3, 4, 6 and 8
  1. Getting to 2
  2. Getting to 3
  3. Getting to 4
  4. Getting to 6
  5. Getting to 8

Mastering the Hard Stuff
  1. Division
  2. Multiple Solutions
  3. Really Tricky