Welcome to MathDice, the fast fun game of Mental Math!

The MathDice program is an exciting new way to help kids from 3rd through 7th grade with their math education. The basic game has all the attributes that naturally work for kids - its simple to learn, easy to understand, highly tactile and manipulative, it's competitive, skill based but with an element of chance, you get better as your skills improve, and it's fun.

To play, you generate a "Target Number" (by rolling dice) and three "Scoring Numbers" (by rolling three more dice). The goal is to form a math equation out of your three Scoring Numbers that gets as close to the target as possible. If you're playing competitively, the player with the closest score wins a point. If you're playing cooperatively, you work with your teammates to find an equation that gets you closest to the target number.

What we believe, as an educational matter, is that the single best way for MathDice to help kids/students improve their math skills, is for them to play the game as much as possible... the more the better. We've developed a three-part program for the classroom that is challenging, but yet has enough variety and fun to keep it entertaining. The program is designed around a sports motif, where two cartoon coaches and their dog Minus introduce kids to MathDice and guide them through all the steps.

No matter if you're a kid, a teacher, a parent, or a member of a PTA/PTO organization, we believe that MathDice has something for you!