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The fun, fast-paced game of mental math.

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Students who take the Math Dice Challenge discover just how much fun math can be.

Math Dice is easy to learn, adaptable to a range of abilities and flexible for use in any classroom.

What to Expect:

What It Teaches:

  • Quick Addition and Subtraction
  • Multiplication and Division
  • Powers
  • Order of Operations
  • Building Advanced Algebraic Equations
  • Problem Solving
  • Teamwork, Collaboration, Communication and Good Sportsmanship

  • Grade Level: 5th-6th graders
    Class Size: 12-48 students (1-4 MD game dozen packs)
    Length: as little as 6 weeks.
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How It Works:


Find detailed information and all the resources you’ll need in each section.

Math Dice 12 Classroom 12 Packs

If you’re looking to spend less money to fill your classroom with more Math Dice you’ve come to the right place! ThinkFun is offering participants of our Math Dice Program this special deal. To join our Math Dice teacher community and take the Math Dice Classroom Challenge contact:

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    We can send you an invoice or you can prepay with a credit card over the phone.

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Learn the rules of the game!

Math Dice is quick to learn and easy to teach. The first part of the program is all about becoming comfortable with the game. Once you know the rules, you’ll work through some challenges together and have a mini practice tournament to experience the true magic of Math Dice!

Begin by reading our Part I Teacher Guide and find all of the materials you need for Part I of the program here.

Math Dice Mixer

Are you up for the challenge?

In Part 2 you will set a team goal, play lots of math dice games and, of course, celebrate once you reach your goal!

Here you will discover all of the many different ways Math Dice can be played. To earn points, students play paper and pencil challenges, small group- games and have fun in non-competitive mini tournaments.

The best part is, you will see that Math Dice can fit seamlessly into the regular rhythm of your classroom. Students can play on their own time, in small groups, as a class or as take-home play.

Begin by reading our Part 2 Teacher Guide and find all of the materials you need for Part 2 of the program here.

Math Dice Mixer

Put Your Skills to the Test!

Your students will be excited to try out their new skills in a class tournament. Break students into small groups, pass out Math Dice games and let them roll! Planning for a small celebration and awards ceremony after the tournament is a great way to build excitement. Everything you need to know can be found in our Part 3 Teacher Guide.

Math Dice Mixer

Check out these additional resources to help you further deepen your students’ love of Math Dice and hone their math skills.

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